A Chinese takeout top choice—meat with broccoli—cooked with ramen noodles implies this is one totally filling supper. What’s more, it’s on the table in under 30 minutes!

This simple pan fried food is a one-pot supper turn on the great Chinese takeout meat and broccoli dish. I like to include ramen noodles, alongside a custom made exquisite sauce, to make it a total supper all alone.


I like to utilize sirloin steak when I’m making hamburger pan-sears. It has the ideal blend of lean meat and fat, it’s as yet delicate regardless of whether cooked rapidly. You could utilize different cuts of steak, yet attempt to abstain from getting one that has a high fat substance, similar to porterhouse steak. I wouldn’t utilize dish cuts, for example, hurl broil or round meal, or something like skirt steak, which can be extreme if not cooked accurately.

Instructions to PREP BEEF FOR STIR FRY

To set up the hamburger for cooking, I prescribe cutting off any enormous bits of fat from the steak and after that cutting it into around 1/4-inch thick strips. A few steaks will have a grain to them, and if yours does, you should cut contrary to what would be expected, which will prompt an increasingly delicate completed steak.


I don’t utilize anything extravagant for the noodles in this pan fried food form—the modest dried ramen noodles. I simply dispose of the flavoring parcel. Try not to stress; our custom made sauce is greatly improved!

All things considered, you could utilize a wide scope of noodles for this dish. You could utilize six to eight ounces of new ramen or udon noodles. Indeed, even soba noodles would work OK.

By and by, however, I adore the surface and the simplicity of utilizing the fundamental ramen noodles.

Step by step instructions to MAKE THE STIR FRY SAUCE

This sauce has a reasonable number of fixings in it, however they are altogether accomplishing something. The soy sauce and sesame oil give an exquisite umami taste; the nectar and hoisin sauce carry some sweetness to it, and the garlic and ginger include a splendid sweet-smelling flavor.

The formula makes a ton of sauce. I like this formula to be really saucy, similar to you would get from a Chinese takeout box. However, in the event that you are concerned it’s an excess of sauce, begin by adding half of it to the sautéed food and after that taste. Include more on the off chance that you think it needs more. In the event that you do have remaining sauce, it keeps fine in the ice chest for seven days.


The request is significant for this pan fried food!

  1. Begin with the steak and cook it for the most part on one side, so it gets some shading on it.
  2. At that point expel the steak, include a new sprinkle of oil to the container, and include the broccoli.
  3. Add a sprinkle of water to the skillet with the broccoli, spread it, and let the broccoli steam for a couple of minutes.
  4. When the broccoli is delicate yet not soft, include the steak back in alongside the cooked and depleted ramen noodles.
  5. At that point blend in the sauce and hurl everything together until the sauce thickens around the sautéed food.